Turquoise winters

Brrr, so cold outside! -4oC! It's so cold in the shop, so I just can't help wanting to cuddle up in a big warm sweater.

Brrr, wat is het koud! -4oC! Het is in de winkel zo koud, ik kan er niks aan doen maar wil alleen maar wegduiken in een grote warme trui.


Sweater: H&M (last year)
Jeans: Lolo love to love
Boots: Ugg Australia
Bracelets: TiSento, Barong Barong, gift from Quinty.
Ring: Reminicence

4 opmerkingen:

  1. i just discovered your blog! It looks great and its a good exercice for me to read in dutch too! Im from Belgium but I moved in South of france 6 years ago so I don't practice my dutch anymore here!
    I follow you via blog'lovin, hope to see new posts asap xx


  2. i love the rings and bracelets! turquoise is such a great color!


  3. oewh en ik ben nog steeds verliefd op die ring!


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