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Het is zover!
Ik heb eindelijk de stap gezet en ben een webwinkeltje begonnen! Heb wat leuke spulletjes ingekocht en ben wat leuke shirtjes aan het maken. (tot nu toe alleen voor kinderen, maar er komen gave voor dames)
Dus mocht je zin hebben, neem gerust een kijkje:

Time has come!
I finally made the decision to start my own little webshop! I bought some cute stuff and I'm making some cool shirts. (untill now there are only childrens shirts online, but there will come some real cool ones for women.)
So if you like, take a look:



Today's outfit: Powder pink day and night

When I was meeting up with one of my friends in Amsterdam and I was waiting outside for her to arrive, I saw the H&M was still open. So I went inside, and I just couldn't help myself. I saw this great powder pink sweater it brought up some spring vibes inside me, and I had to have it. Decided to pair it with brown for the day.
Sweater: H&M
Top: H&M
Jeans: Mango
Boots: Ugg
Bracelets: Saami, Mbraze, Barong Barong

And with black for the night.
Sweater: H&M
Pants: ASOS
Heels: Zara
Bracelets: Saami, Mbraze, Barong Barong



Today's outfit: Stripes and jeans

I finally found a good spot in my house to take pictures for my blog. But this morning I was late (again) and I didn't have the time to take good pictures at home. So I had to do it at the shop. Sorry for that!
A couple months ago I got this multi colour striped dress at H&M but it was to big. So I went back to get a smaller size. Sold out. So I decided to keep it, and just wash it hot. I kept my fingers crossed, but it worked! So I decided to wear it today.
Yesterday I painted my nails in my favourite Tilly's colour. Get yours at: www.tillysnailstudio.nl
Have a great day!!


Dress: H&M
Jeans jacket: H&M
Tights: River woods
Boots: Ugg's
Bracelets: 2Mrace, Barong Barong, Saami


Today's outfit: Saami and Leopard

A couple weeks ago my beloved leopard scarf went missing. I've been searching everywhere. But no luck. So last night when I was shopping, I saw a new leopard scarf at H&M. And I just had to have it, because the missing piece was a real gap in my closet. Hopefully I will find it back, but otherwise I think this is a good replacer.
And off course I had to wear my saami bracelet right away.. :D


Jacket: H&M
Sweater: American Vintage
Legging: Only
Scarf: H&M
Bracelets: Saami crafts, Barong Barong, 2MBrace, CC Skye

New buy: Saami crafts bracelet

Last night I was at the mall, and I still hadn't decided if I was gonna buy a Louis Vuitton bracelet or a Saami crafts first. Then I walked by the jeweler. And they had a whole window filled with Saami craft bracelets. I couldn't resist walking inside and asking if I could try one on. So I did, she told me there were different sizes, the one I choose fitted perfectly.. I had to buy it. Means the Louis Vuitton has to wait for a little longer. And I treated myself to a beautifull Saami craft bracelet. Another one to scrap of my wishlist! The colour is army green, but sadly just won't look great on the photo's.



New In: Sacha 'pistol' boots

My Sacha 'Acne Pistol' look a like boots arrived! I ordered them online, because I've read a lot on other blogs about them.
They arrived yesterday, and I've been busy all evening trying to find something that would look great with them. But for some reason they are shorter than the original pistol boots. And I just can't seem to find anything that looks good with them. Made me so sad, because I really wanted to have them. Well I wanted the originals, but they were priced a little to high for my wallet. I haven't made up my mind yet, but I think I'm going to send them back, and save the money to buy an orignal Acne pair.
What do you think I should do?



New in: My Brand Marc Jacobs shirt

Yay! My My Brand Marc Jacobs shirt arrived!!
They already tried to deliver it on friday, but there was no one home. They put a note in the mailbox, that they
would try to deliver it monday between 8 am and 1 pm. But I really had to leave at 12 am. So I kept my fingers
crossed they would be there before I had to leave. And luckily they did. So now I got my shirt, wich I've had my
eye on for so long!
The color looks great, even better than I hoped..
So you can imagine how happy I am!

Jeej! Mijn My Brand Marc Jacobs shirt is er!
Ze hebben afgelopen vrijdag al geprobeerd het af te leveren, maar er was niemand thuis. Er lag een briefje in
de bus dat ze maandag ochtend tussen 8 en 13 uur zouden komen. Maar ik moest echt om 12 uur weg, dus ik hebt
geduimd dat ze op tijd zouden komen. En gelukkig was de post op tijd. Nu heb ik m'n shirtje, waar ik al zo'n tijd een oogje op heb!
De kleur is super, mooier dan ik had gehoopt eigenlijk.
Kun je je voorstellen hoe blij ik ben?



Made it myself: Wool shorts

A couple weeks ago I saw a few girls online wit wool shorts. searched the whole web to find a pair. But no luck. So I decided to make a pair myself. Only one thing, I just can't knit. So that's a 'little' problem. I decided to go to the store and buy a sweater or something like that to make a short out of that. I found a grey poncho and took that home. Got the collar off, measured some things. And got to work. First make a skirt of it, and than make legs in it. This is how it turned out.
What do you think?



Today's outfit: Leopard army

Sick of all those big sweaters and comfy outfits I've been wearing the last few weeks, I decided to wear an outfit that was a little more stylish even if that meant I was gonna have a cold day. But actually it wasn't even that bad! This shirt has been one of my fave's in summer. As I was browsing trough my closet, my eye fell on it. And I decided to wear my jacket with it. And my beloved black and grey leopard booties.
Hope you all have a nice weekend!
I have loads and loads of outfits to show you, so keep checking for updates!

Have a nice weekend!


Jeans: from a little boutique
Shirt: Kiezel
Jacket: Wonder Woman
Booties: Blanco (Copenhagen)

New Layout

As we've already been getting lot's of new summer stuff in the shop. I can't wait till summer comes.
A fresh breeze, a little sunshine, can't wait!!
Look outside, it's dark, rainy and cold.. Let the summer come!
With that in my mind, I decided to make a new, fresh layout for my blog. Something more simple.
Here it is.. what do you think?



Bracelet help

Ik heb even jullie hulp nodig! Er zijn een aantal armbandjes die op mijn wishlist staan. Alleen nu weet ik even niet welke ik zal kopen. Ik heb vorig jaar voor mijn vriend een armband van Louis Vuitton gekocht, en eigenlijk vind ik hem zo gaaf dat ik hem zelf ook wil. Maar ik wil ook heel graag een armbandje van Saami crafts.
Wat zouden jullie kopen?

I need your help! There are a few bracelets that are on my wishlist at the moment. Right now I'm at the point of buying one, but wich one? Last year I got my boyfriend a Louis Vuitton, and I actually want to have it myself. But I also want to have a Saami crafts bracelet.
Wich one would you buy?



Yay!! I finally decided to order the Marc Jacobs My Brand shirt online. I've had my eye on it since I saw it for the first time when I was shopping with my sister. But at that moment my bankaccount wouldn't let me buy it. Now I decided the time had come to buy the shirt. I pictured myself wearing it with a nice blazer, skinny jeans, high heels and of course my Marc Jacobs bag. As I opened the site and looked for the shirt I saw there was a 50% discount on the shirt. Lucky me!! Hope it arrives soon. Pictures coming!

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