Need your help: Electric pumps

Girls! I need your help!
Can't decide on these heels. I'm looking for a pair of heels in an electric colour.
I'm leaning towards the pink ones, the model appeals the most to me.
What do you think?


All shoes are from asos.com


3 ways to wear: Electric blue pants

Last week I got this great electric blue jeans.
And I was playing a little with what I could wear with it.
I decided to wear it with a black sweater and black boots. Just added my red leopard print scarf.
Then the second option, some colourblocking. But I just haven't found the right shirt for it yet. (so this is only for the idea.)
And then the last outfit is with grey, totally love this combination. so I decided to wear it yesterday.
What do you think is the best outfit?


Blue pants: Zara €25,-


Today's outfit: Made it myself Studded shorts

A couple weeks ago I got some studs, because I wanted to decorate my black Minetonka boots with it. But that seemed a bit more of a challenge than I hoped it would be. I couldn't get the studs in the suede fabric. I tried to make a little hole in the fabric to push the stud trough the fabric. But even that wasn't working. So I gave up. Then I saw this post on Addict to twins: http://addict-to-twins.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2011-02-21T13:45:00%2B01:00&max-results=4. I decided to cut one of my older jeans into a short and add the stud on the short. It's not finished yet, I want to make studs allover the two back pockets. But I couldn't resist wearing it.
What do you think?


Sweater: WE
Shorts: Made by me: jeans from circle of trust
Scarf: Primark
Boots: Redwings


New buys: Swallow pants, mint bikini, army pants

This are some of my latest buys.
Me and my sister have been to London in october '10 together, when we were there shopping at Primark my eye fell on this red colored leopard printed scarf. But for some reason I just didn't got it. And I just regretted it the moment I got on the plane. So when we finally got a Primark here in Holland, I went to Rotterdam to see if they had the scarf. But no luck. Now months later I went to Primark with my sister last week, an there it was, THE scarf! So now I had to have it. And I'm so happy I got it!
The hat and swallow shorts I also got at Primark. Ever since I was in Copenhagen for fashionweek in the summer I've been in love with the swallow print items. So when I found the shorts, I had to buy them. And about the hat, I already saw myself walking to the beach wearing it. Let the summer begin!!!
The bikini I got at H&M, it was only €16,90 together. Loved the cute mint green colour.
Then the army green pants are from Glamorous and I got it at one of my favourite boutiques around here, called Wonders. The soft pink jacket and lacey like top I also got from there.
You like my new buys?


Today's outfit: out to dinner

My boyfriend and I went out to dinner with some friends. After a day of work I just didn't had much time to change. So I quickly put on something.

Mijn vriend en ik gingen uiteten met wat vrienden. Na een dag werken, had ik niet meer echt de tijd om me om te kleden. Dus ik heb even snel wat aangetrokken.


Leggings: H&M
Shirt: Zara
Jacket: Glamorous
Shoes New look
Earrings: From a little boutique

Photoshoot: Orange

This are some of the orange things I've been shopping for over the last few weeks. (wich I was shopping for when one of you spotted me shopping in Amstelveen last week.)
They are for a photoshoot we did last sunday. The shoot was for the Batavus ladies. It's a dutch cycling team, they had to
have their promo photo's taken. My lovely cousin Romy Vrolijk took the pictures, you have seen some pictures of me on here
she made. And since they also had to wear some casual clothing, I got to do the styling for that. So cool! It was a whole new experience for me. I've only been styling outfits I got in stores so far, but now I had to style the girls with outfits out of their own closet. I was very nervous, but I heard they were very satisfied with my help. And I had a great day! A real nice experience.

Dit zijn een aantal van de oranje accessoires die ik de afgelopen weken aan het shoppen ben geweest. (Hiervoor was ik ook aan het shoppen toen een van jullie mij gespot heeft vorige week.)
Het is voor een fotoshoot die we afgelopen zondag hebben gedaan. De shoot was voor de Batavusladies. Een Nederlands dames wielerteam, ze moesten promo foto's hebben. Mijn lieve nichtje Romy Vrolijk heeft de foto's gemaakt, jullie hebben al wat foto's hier op mijn blog gezien die ze van mij heeft gemaakt. De meiden moesten ook met casual kleding op de foto, dus ik mocht daar de styling voor doen, zo gaaf! Het was helemaal nieuw voor mij, omdat ik gewend ben totale outfits te shoppen. Maar nu moest ik de meiden aankleden met de kleding die ze zelf hadden meegenomen en dat verder aankleden. Ik was super nerveus, maar ik heb gehoord dat ze erg tevreden waren met het resultaat. En ik heb een super dag gehad! Een hele leuke ervaring!



Today's outfit: Cool silver

Today I was up for something cool, tough, but yet fashionable. So I decided on my silver sweater, leather knee pad leggings, red wings and some girly jewellery.

Vandaag had ik zin in iets cools, stoers maar toch fashionable. Dus ik besloot m'n zilveren trui, legging met leren kniestukken en red wings aan te trekken, maar dan wel gecombineerd met wat meisjes achtige sieraden.


Sweater: H&M trend
Legging: H&M
Boots: Red Wings
Ring: www.jessiesstyle.nl
Earrings: Reminicence


Today's outfit: Army greenish

When I had my whole outfit ready for today, was looking for my boots that I wanted to pair with it.. My car is at the garage at the moment, and guess what.. I left them in there. So I had to come up with a whole different outfit.
So I decided to go with something comfy and greenish.


Jeans: Blue Rebel
Boots: Ugg's
Top: American Vintage
Blazer: H&M
Pin: www.jessiesstyle.nl
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelets: Barong Barong, 2Mbrace, Saami.
Ring: H&M
Nailpolish: Mavala
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