New years eve outifit inspiration

What will you be wearing at New years eve? When shopping yesterday I found this amazing silver glittering nailpolish. And I was inspired by it right away. But seeing as my outfit's already finished for a while now. (I finally get to wear my mom's vintage sequin jacket, will tell you all about it tomorrow.) Just couldn't resist sharing this outfit idea with you.

Christmas dress gold and black

What did you wear for christmas? I just love the dressing up part the most of all christmas things. Thinking about your outfit for months.. And this dress was my choice for this year. Black bandage dress with golden embellishments. Paired with black strappy sandals and a gold oversized clutch (not pictured).

Christmas eve gold

My christmas eve outfit! At the last moment I decided to change the jeans for my leather pants. Because I just didn't found it festive enough. Jeans: Zara - Leather pants (wich I wore the evening): Topshop - Heels: Zara - Golden top: Zussies - Clutch: Zara - Ring: YSL

Day before christmas glitter

How was your christmas? Hope you're were as amazing as mine! This was definitely the best christmas I have ever had! I will post pictures of my christmas dress in a min. This is the outfit I wore the day before christmas, in the shop. Something glittering, but cool with the sneakers! Jacket: Zara - Dress (worn as a top): Zussies - Jeans: Zara - Sneakers: Jackie Luxury


Vintage coat: Finally!

Me and my mom were shopping last monday. When she wanted to go to a second-hand store, she's been looking for an old deer antler, to hang above the fireplace. So when we drove past one, she yelled: 'Stop! Lets go in here.' We walked in and found lots of great little things for our homes. But then we came to the clothing-department of the store. And there it was, this perfect vintage coat. We had been looking for one like this for quite a while now. But no luck yet! I put the coat on, and it fitted perfectly. We took it. I'm so happy with it, feels good give something old a new life!


Golden studs

Golden studs on sneakers! My newest purchase.. and I totally love them! Paired with some black/gold/brown items. they are so comfy! My sister has the leopard printed, with the red lining. But I already saw myself walking on the street with the black ones, paired with my oh so beloved alexander wang bag in black with golden studs.
On this picture you see my shoes, and my sisters. We went to see new years eve together. What a great movie!
xJx Shoes: Jackie Luxury, Sweater: H&M (last year), Scarf: Zussies


Gold fever

After I finally found the silver Zara jacket, I found myself wearing it almost everyday. It's a cool jacket to wear when going out to dinner, with a nice top and heels. But it's also great to wear during the day paired with sneakers or boots. So you can imagine, when I found a gold version, I had to have it. Since it has yellow gold, rose gold and silver in it. It's very easy to wear. I paired it with a top and jeans from our own shop. Both from the brand Josh V. Love the line on the shirt: "I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet."
xJx Jacket: Zara jeans: Josh V (from Zussies) Shirt: Josh V (from Zussies) Belt: Louis Vuitton Boots: Red wings


Bellini baby!

This is a quick picture while waiting at my sisters house before going to an amzing party called Bellini in Amsterdam. It's a party that starts as a lunch, afterwards tables are moved to the side, and the party's on! We had an amazing day and night, so next Bellini, we're present again! I decided to wear something not to casual but on the other hand not to overdresed. Everything I picked was in bourgondy red, together with emerald green one of my favourite colours to wear right now. xJx Jeans: Zara Blouse: Zara Bodywarmer: Zara Shoes: Zara


Party season

Last friday me and THE girls went to a party called The Waterfront in held at the Koepelkerk in Amsterdam. Planning my outfit weeks before, I suddenly wasn't so sure about my gold sequin dress anymore when the party was only a few days away. So I went shopping with my sister to get something else. This is what I got, a dark green silk blouse with black collar. A snake clutch, burgundy red belt and amazing sandals in that same coloured. Paired with my leather pants. Some cool bracelets to finish the look.
And I felt great in this outfit, so glad I switched at the last moment.


Blouse: Zara. Clutch: Zara. belt: Zara. pants; topshop. shoes: Zara. Bracelets : barong barong, tiffany.


Birthday presents <3

What do you think of my new bag? Got it from my parents, most amazing birthday present! I really wanted a bag that wasn't just black or brown and not to much logo's on it. Just a plain, crazy coloured. Mission completed don't you think?
The sequin skirt, I got especially for tonight's dinner. But this morning I felt like wearing something shiny, so I decided to pair it with some cool boots. I will post some pictures tonight so you can see how I wear it for going out.


Bag: Balenciaga via mytheresa.com,
Skirt: Zara,
Sweater: American Vintage,
Boots: Paul Warmer,
Scarf: from Zussies.


Grey knit

When I woke up this morning and looked outside, all I saw was rain. The line: "We'll be walking through leaves, when summer's gone. But we'll carry on." from Blue's song 'When summer's gone'
It looked grey outside, so I decided to wear my new grey knit. What do you think?

Jeans: from our own shop, Zussies. Shirt: American Vintage. Scarf: from Zussies. Vest: Josh V from Zussies. Sneakers: Glamorous from Zussies.


Cosy autum

I've been spending last week re-decorating my bedroom at my parents place. Since I moved back there a couple weekse ago, it had to be organised and decorated all over again. My style changed a bit after four years, so lots to do. Started with piling up my books. Don't know why, but I love having books on piles everywhere. Added some frames, and these gorgeous flowers I got. For sure the most gorgeous flowers I've ever seen and got from someone! Thanks! They make my room so cosy, love them!



Skull fall

The Alexander McQueen skull scarf is already on my wishlist for many years. Don't know why I still don't have it, but I decided to get one next month. Untill then I'm still happy with my new fake one!


Glittering leopard

Probably you all have noticed my love for everything that glitters.. Got That from my mom. And not to forget leopard prints. So you can imagine when this shirt arrived at the shop, I had to have it. Just like most of THE collection from Josh V.. *shame shame* Can't help it, but this brand is so my style. So there will definitely pass more on here from this amazing brand.


Shirt: Josh V (from Zussies)
Jeans: Josh V (from Zussies)
Sneakers: Lanvin
Earrings: Bloved (from Zussies)



I've been looking for this silver kinda tweed fabric jacket from Zara for such a long time. But when I was shopping with my sister last week, and walked inside the Zara, there was a whole rack of them.. Finally!! They even had my size..


Jacket & shirt: Zara
Jeans: Josh V (avalible at Zussies)
Shoes: new look


Knit & Lace

The weather over here starts to look like fall more and more.. And as much as I love fall, with all it's great colours, the fresh wind, cuddling up in a big sweater or scarf and not to forget my Ugg boots, I still find it kind of sad to think summer's over already. But knowing that I'll be leaving for a short trip to Ibiza in a couple of day's makes everything a little less sad. Knowing I'll be wearing shorts, dresses and sandals soon! But for now I'm still here, so I have to wear some warm clothes. But with a little twist, an open lace back. Because, officially it's still summer! xJx Sweater: Zussies €49,95 Jeans: Zara


Magic Polish

When shopping for some beautyproducts I saw this magic oily Chanel nailpolish. How would it look on my nails? would it actually look the way it looks inside the bottle? You understand, I just had to try this. The saleswoman told me the also had a mat topcoat to match. But I was more interested in this oily colour. As soon as I got it on, I saw it actually was like I expected. Amazing, but a bit to flashy for my taste. Lucky me, my mom got me the mat topcoat. And I was actually amazed by the change it made to the polish. Amazing don't you think? I tried it with black aswell, also amazing in my opinion! xJx
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