Knit & Lace

The weather over here starts to look like fall more and more.. And as much as I love fall, with all it's great colours, the fresh wind, cuddling up in a big sweater or scarf and not to forget my Ugg boots, I still find it kind of sad to think summer's over already. But knowing that I'll be leaving for a short trip to Ibiza in a couple of day's makes everything a little less sad. Knowing I'll be wearing shorts, dresses and sandals soon! But for now I'm still here, so I have to wear some warm clothes. But with a little twist, an open lace back. Because, officially it's still summer! xJx Sweater: Zussies €49,95 Jeans: Zara

2 opmerkingen:

  1. the perfect mix between two nice materials! Take care of you, my sister was in Ibiza and she had a really bad jetski accident!! She has her two legs broke!!! ;-)

    Have fun xx


  2. That's exact what i was thinking!
    Omg!! How's your sister now? Hope she'll be okay!
    I will take care, thanks!


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