Glittering leopard

Probably you all have noticed my love for everything that glitters.. Got That from my mom. And not to forget leopard prints. So you can imagine when this shirt arrived at the shop, I had to have it. Just like most of THE collection from Josh V.. *shame shame* Can't help it, but this brand is so my style. So there will definitely pass more on here from this amazing brand.


Shirt: Josh V (from Zussies)
Jeans: Josh V (from Zussies)
Sneakers: Lanvin
Earrings: Bloved (from Zussies)



I've been looking for this silver kinda tweed fabric jacket from Zara for such a long time. But when I was shopping with my sister last week, and walked inside the Zara, there was a whole rack of them.. Finally!! They even had my size..


Jacket & shirt: Zara
Jeans: Josh V (avalible at Zussies)
Shoes: new look


Knit & Lace

The weather over here starts to look like fall more and more.. And as much as I love fall, with all it's great colours, the fresh wind, cuddling up in a big sweater or scarf and not to forget my Ugg boots, I still find it kind of sad to think summer's over already. But knowing that I'll be leaving for a short trip to Ibiza in a couple of day's makes everything a little less sad. Knowing I'll be wearing shorts, dresses and sandals soon! But for now I'm still here, so I have to wear some warm clothes. But with a little twist, an open lace back. Because, officially it's still summer! xJx Sweater: Zussies €49,95 Jeans: Zara


Magic Polish

When shopping for some beautyproducts I saw this magic oily Chanel nailpolish. How would it look on my nails? would it actually look the way it looks inside the bottle? You understand, I just had to try this. The saleswoman told me the also had a mat topcoat to match. But I was more interested in this oily colour. As soon as I got it on, I saw it actually was like I expected. Amazing, but a bit to flashy for my taste. Lucky me, my mom got me the mat topcoat. And I was actually amazed by the change it made to the polish. Amazing don't you think? I tried it with black aswell, also amazing in my opinion! xJx


Skull gift

What do you think of my new bracelet? I got it from my sister last week. It's a small rope bracelet, with a tiny gold skull on it. Cool but still girly. Thank you sis! xJx


New in: Pistol studded boots

I've been wearing my Red Wings boots for a couple winters now, and I still love them. They make every outfit cool. I was still looking for a pair of boots like that, but then in black. And I prefer a pair with studs. So I've had my mind on the Ash studded biker boots for such a long time. But for some reason, I haven't had no luck finding them. So on to the next, wich I just couldn't find either. But my search kept going, until I saw these. Black, tough, studded. That's it! Mission complete! What do you think? xJx Pistol biker boots: Paul Warmer: € 299,95
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