New In: Sacha 'pistol' boots

My Sacha 'Acne Pistol' look a like boots arrived! I ordered them online, because I've read a lot on other blogs about them.
They arrived yesterday, and I've been busy all evening trying to find something that would look great with them. But for some reason they are shorter than the original pistol boots. And I just can't seem to find anything that looks good with them. Made me so sad, because I really wanted to have them. Well I wanted the originals, but they were priced a little to high for my wallet. I haven't made up my mind yet, but I think I'm going to send them back, and save the money to buy an orignal Acne pair.
What do you think I should do?


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  1. Ooh die wil ik ook zo graag, hoe vallen ze?

  2. Ik heb normaal maat 39, die heb ik ook besteld. En die zitten goed. Dus volgens mij valt het redelijk normaal.

  3. Ik had die van sacha ook gepast en ik vond ze ook tegenvallen. Daarna ben ik meteen naar Acne gegaan om die pistols te kopen. Heb er geen spijt van gehad ondanks ze erg duur waren :)

  4. super. Waar heb je ze online besteld?

  5. i used your picture, pls tell me if i should delete it :)

  6. I love the boots too, but think they are too pricy.. What is the website called where you bought them?

    Am following. Pop by my blog and maybe follow? :)



  7. @A.M.M
    No problem!

    @ Josephine:
    this website is: www.sacha.nl
    Thanks, following you too!

  8. Hi what size did you get the boots in? do they run true to size or are they smaller/ bigger?

  9. Usually I wear a 39, and I got these in a 39 too. And they fit perfect!

  10. Deze lijken veel meer op de Acne pistol boots:


  11. i love them!!! too bad i cant purchase them in the US :(


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