New buy: Saami crafts bracelet

Last night I was at the mall, and I still hadn't decided if I was gonna buy a Louis Vuitton bracelet or a Saami crafts first. Then I walked by the jeweler. And they had a whole window filled with Saami craft bracelets. I couldn't resist walking inside and asking if I could try one on. So I did, she told me there were different sizes, the one I choose fitted perfectly.. I had to buy it. Means the Louis Vuitton has to wait for a little longer. And I treated myself to a beautifull Saami craft bracelet. Another one to scrap of my wishlist! The colour is army green, but sadly just won't look great on the photo's.


1 opmerking:

  1. Die is super :) Love Saami <3

    Check out my blog: BUBBLE-BRACELET ... GIVE-AWAY :p


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