When I wanted to make some pics of my outfit this morning, the battery was empty. :( So it's loading right now and I will make some pics later and upload it tomorrow. In the meantime I decided to post some of my schoolwork. We had to make two different stills.

Still 1
Watch: Triwa
Golden necklace: MiMoneda
Coral bracelet: TiSento
Coral bracelet with buddha: got it from my best friend
Turquoise band: BaronBarong
Black leather bracelet (with turquoise tooth): Thomas Sabo
Multicolor bracelet: Bujah
Background: H&M Garden Collection scarf

Still 2
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Glasses: from a market
Scarf: H&M


Arriving Soon: crystal bra

Sorry for the lack of outfits!
I've been kinda busy the last few days.
But I really wanted to share this with you.
Ever since I've seen the Crystal bra on Andy from Stylescrapbook (one of my fashion icons) I wanted to have it. But somehow I never found it.
Untill Chiara from The Blonde Salad was wearing it... so I emediatly asked my boyfriend
if I could have it for my birthday.. And he said I could, so I ordered it last friday. It should be arriving within 1,5 week. So that means I get to wear it for my birthday party, yay!
I'll be posting some more outfits tomorrow!


This is my outfit for today, i wanted something comfy seeing as I had my first photoshoot as a stylist today.
I can't post any photo's of the outfit and the shoot because of the copyrights.
So only a backstage photo yet.


Sweater: By Tess
Scarf: www.gabyshoponline.nl
jeans: Met
Sneakers: converse
Bracelet: Tiffany

Today's outfit: Black Bazar

Yesterday me and my boyfriend went to Bastiaan's bazar. Bastiaan van Schaik is an amazing stylist, one of my fave. So I had to go, it was like a little bazar with all kind of shops and brands selling their stuff. I had a great time there.
Later that day my boyfriend took me to a little shop in Amsterdam, to look for a birthday present for me. Since my bday is in 2,5 weeks. I choose two amazing rings by Monica Vinader, but I will post pictures of those later.
This is the outfit I was wearing yesterday.


Blousse: H&M
Jeans: MET
Lace socks: H&M
Flats: Friis & company
Jacket: Kiezel
Necklace: MiMoneda
Bracelets: Hermes and CC Skye
Bag: Alexander Wang



wit overhemd
wit overhemd door Jessicavs1986 op Polyvore.com

Dit is het definitieve idee voor mijn shoot met het witte overhemd zondag a.s.
ik zal zo snel mogelijk backstage foto's uploaden.



I just needed to put this video up.. Last night a new talent show started in holland. We do have a lot of those at the moment, but I think this is the best one so far. The jury isn't able to see the artist, but only hear them. As soon as they think they like the voice enough to work with them, they push the button and their seats turn around. So they will be able to see the artist. I loved it..
And this man: Ben Saunders did audition last night, I totally loved it. I love the way he looks (I have a thing for men with tattoos), I love this song, and I totally love his voice! I'm a fan... Amazing! Let Ben win!



Today's outfit: Ripped jeans and studs

Yes I'm wearing studs again.. When I was cleaning out my closet I found a lot of things that are studded.. from bags to pants, from shoes to jackets... I love it! I wasn't so aware of it actually untill I saw all of the stuff next to each other.. lol..


Vest: Gajana
Shirt: H&M
Flats: www.lilyscloset.nl


Today's outfit: Gold rush

Another morning where I just couldn't decide what to wear. I wanted something fashionable, but seeing as I had to do a lot in the shop, high heels weren't an option. I decided to wear my heels and take some flats with me..


Shirt: H&M
Jeans: MNG
Booties: ASOS


Today's outfit

Today's my second schoolnight. I'm so exited! Last week, I was very nervous about my outfit, what did I had to wear, what would the others wear.. And to be honest, the just wore casual things, nothing to special. So I decided to not wear anything to much today. This jacket I got last monday, and it was supposed to be for the photoshoot I have to do for school. But I couldn't resist... I decided to keep it, after cleaning up my closed yesterday. When I looked in my closed this morning, I saw it hanging there, and I just couldn't resist! lol... I had to wear it... so here it is!


Jacket: H&M
Jeans: Met
Flats: Friis & Company
Accesoires: Mimoneda, CC Skye, Barong Barong

School work

Today's my second evening at school. And I'm so exited to go! I had to make several tasks. One of them was, make a moodboard from your style icon. That's the Olsen style board. I love their style, especially Ashley's. And the other was make a moodboard that reflects the style of: Jackie Kennedey, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn. So this are my moodboards.
Tonight I have to present them to the teacher and class. So I'm curious what they think and I if I did good.


Yesterday's outfit

This was the outfit I was wearing yesterday. I just couldn't decide what to wear.. My closet was a mess, so maybe that's why, I couldn't even see what I had.I've been trying on all sorts of different outfits for an hour. So I was way to late at the shop to open up. But I decided on wearing this.
Sorry for the bad quality of the pics, I forgot to take my camera with me..


Jacket: H&M (got it in Copenhagen)
Top: Only
Skirt: H&M
Boots: Gucci
Accesoires: Jennifer Zeuner, CC Skye, CK


7e idee: wit overhemd

6e idee: wit overhemd
6e idee: wit overhemd van Jessicavs1986 met long sleeve tops

Dit is mijn 7e idee voor de shoot met het witte overhemd. Welke vinden jullie tot nu toe het leukste?


6e idee: wit overhemd

5e idee: wit overhemd

4e idee: wit overhemd

3e idee: wit overhemd

3e idee: wit overhemd
3e idee: wit overhemd van Jessicavs1986 met army pants

Dit is mijn 3e idee voor de shoot met het witte overhemd. Lekker camo achtig.

2e idee: wit overhemd

2e idee: wit overhemd
2e idee: wit overhemd van Jessicavs1986 met long sleeve tops

Dit is mijn 2e idee voor de shoot met het overhemd.
Golden & Sandy... Een beetje zanderig met goud en bruin..

1e idee: Wit overhemd

1e set: Overhemd shoot
1e set: Overhemd shoot van Jessicavs1986 met gold shoes

Afgelopen woensdag ben ik begonnen aan de cursus Fashion Styling. Daarvoor hebben we een opdracht gekregen voor een fotoshoot met als uitgangspunt een wit overhemd.
Dit is mijn eerste idee.



While surfing on the web last week I found these two photo's. They're from GQ, taken at the fashionweeks in milan and paris. And I think these pictures are the proof that there really are fashionable guys around... most of the times they're hard to find. That's why I love these pics.

Toen ik afgelopen week een beetje op t web aan t surfen heb ik deze twee foto's gevonden. Ze zijn van GQ, genomen op de fashionweeks in milaan en parijs. En ik denk dat deze foto's het bewijs zijn dat er toch nog fashionable mannen zijn... want meestal zijn ze ver te zoeken... Daarom vind ik deze foto's geweldig.


When I woke up today, I heared the rain dripping on the window. And feeling kind of uninspired, I just decided to wear somthing that's comfortable and cute.

Toen ik vanmorgen wakker werd, hoorde ik de regen op het raam druppelen. En omdat ik me nogal inspiratiloos voelde, besloot ik om iets te dragen dat lekker comfortabel zit en toch leuk is.

Blousse: Zara
Cardigan: Zara
Jeans: MNG
Boots: Aqa


Western feeling

Today's another sunny day, wich is rare he're in holland. So I decided to wear my white jeans, cause now i can. But I mixed and matched some different outfits. Here two of them.

Vandaag is het weer zonnig, wat zelden gebeurd hier in nederland. dus ik besloot om nog maar een keer m'n witte jeans uit de kast te trekken, zolang het nog kan. Maar ik heb wat verschillende outfits geprobeerd, hier zijn er twee.

Outfit 1:
Top with cowboy boot: D&G
Jeans shorts: H&M
Cowboy boots: Sendra for Paul Warmer

Outfit 2:
Top with sheriff badge: D&G
White jeans: Met
Pumps: Zara

After having a cup of thee in the garden this afternoon, before I went out. My white jeans got all dirty from the chair.. so i had to change my pants. This is what I picked:

Same as outfit 2, but changed the white jeans to a regular jeans from Mng.
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