Today's outfit: Stripes and jeans

I finally found a good spot in my house to take pictures for my blog. But this morning I was late (again) and I didn't have the time to take good pictures at home. So I had to do it at the shop. Sorry for that!
A couple months ago I got this multi colour striped dress at H&M but it was to big. So I went back to get a smaller size. Sold out. So I decided to keep it, and just wash it hot. I kept my fingers crossed, but it worked! So I decided to wear it today.
Yesterday I painted my nails in my favourite Tilly's colour. Get yours at: www.tillysnailstudio.nl
Have a great day!!


Dress: H&M
Jeans jacket: H&M
Tights: River woods
Boots: Ugg's
Bracelets: 2Mrace, Barong Barong, Saami

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