Glittering leopard

Probably you all have noticed my love for everything that glitters.. Got That from my mom. And not to forget leopard prints. So you can imagine when this shirt arrived at the shop, I had to have it. Just like most of THE collection from Josh V.. *shame shame* Can't help it, but this brand is so my style. So there will definitely pass more on here from this amazing brand.


Shirt: Josh V (from Zussies)
Jeans: Josh V (from Zussies)
Sneakers: Lanvin
Earrings: Bloved (from Zussies)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Like it!! Even your jeans is cool!! I don't know this brand!!! cool stuff! ;-)

    Kisses bella xx


  2. Thanks! It's a new dutch brand. So great! I'll show more soon on my blog.


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