New buys: Swallow pants, mint bikini, army pants

This are some of my latest buys.
Me and my sister have been to London in october '10 together, when we were there shopping at Primark my eye fell on this red colored leopard printed scarf. But for some reason I just didn't got it. And I just regretted it the moment I got on the plane. So when we finally got a Primark here in Holland, I went to Rotterdam to see if they had the scarf. But no luck. Now months later I went to Primark with my sister last week, an there it was, THE scarf! So now I had to have it. And I'm so happy I got it!
The hat and swallow shorts I also got at Primark. Ever since I was in Copenhagen for fashionweek in the summer I've been in love with the swallow print items. So when I found the shorts, I had to buy them. And about the hat, I already saw myself walking to the beach wearing it. Let the summer begin!!!
The bikini I got at H&M, it was only €16,90 together. Loved the cute mint green colour.
Then the army green pants are from Glamorous and I got it at one of my favourite boutiques around here, called Wonders. The soft pink jacket and lacey like top I also got from there.
You like my new buys?


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