Today's outfit: Birthday girl 24

Hi All!

Well today is my birthday, so I've got a lot of new things to show you as you can see in the pics.
My sister got me a trip to Londen! We're leaving next friday, so there will be lot's of pics coming from that!
My boyfriend got me the rings in the pics, I already told you about that, but now I finally got to wear them! So exited!
And my parents got me this great vintage Moschino belt, wich I've been trying to get for ages. So I'm spoiled!!!
Love birthdays, I'm celebrating it coming saturday and will be going out to dinner on sunday. Will post pics of that too!
Have a nice evening!


Legging: Only
Top: American vintage
Jacket: H&M Garden collection
Boots: Asos
Rings: Monica Vinader
Bracelets: Bujah, Ettica and Barong Barong
Belt: Moschino vintage

2 opmerkingen:

  1. en plaats er maar goed veel, want dan weet ik wat ik mis!

  2. Hihi, komt voor elkaar! ;) Jammer hoor dat m'n beste vriendje er niet bij kan zijn... :'(


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